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    See ya suckers.

    Dear Mr. Matt Mayfield,

    Compliments, I am Dr. Beko Armstrong, Commercial Loan Officer at African Development Bank in Cotonou, Republic of Benin.

    I am sorry for using this medium to contact you as it is highly unsecure but I have no choice as it is the only medium I can use in establishing contact with you that is quick as this matter is in dire need of urgent attention. (Treat with utmost confidentiality)

    I would want you to assist in a business venture involving $10.7m (Ten Million Seven Hundred Thousand USD) but have to be sure that you are willing to indulge in this transaction. Please
    kindly get back to me if you are interested so I can furnish you with more details.

    I can be reached on this email address and on telephone on : +229-23-86-73.

    I await your immediate response,


    Dr. Beko Armstrong

    Rue # 205 ADB avenue
    shelmeshell Cotonou,
    Benin Republic.
    Tel: +229-23-86-73

    I just wonder how may people fall for this crap

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    Please don't any of you guys let on to matt who Dr. Armstrong really is. Hopefully he doesn't catch on to the Republic of BENIN before I have my retirement fund built up.

    Thanks, benncool.

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    Can't believe that is still going on, maybe he saw the pic of your window unit and rusty condenser and figgered.........hmmmmmmm.....he looks desperate enough.
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    Smile Dr. Beko Armstrong huh!

    I had a new roof put on my house after a hurricane a couple of years ago. I went on the roof to talk to some of the roofers. The boss spoke english. He said the guys were from San Salvador and Honduras. Speaking a little Spanish, I ask one of them, Como se ama? He said Freddy!

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    Have some fun with them, waste their time at least

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    I used to get about 12 to 15 e-mails like this a day... one time I toyed with one goon for a few weeks, and they finally gave up.

    It was some funny chit I was sending them.

    If you look up on, it's known as the Nigerian Scam ... if you didn't know.

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    why not me

    some guys have all the luck

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    mattam can I get in on this too let me give them my bank acc number and we can split the profits 50 50 you know help s cold cunack out mate! I'm desperate forward my email on to them - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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