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    Hi, I have a Trane XL19i system that had a Trane XT500C thermostat(installed 2 summers ago). The T-stat was acting up so the installer replaced with a Honeywell TH8321U1006. I am very happy with the contractor (recommend him often), he did admit that he had not installed to many of the new T-stats. I am curious as to what the installer setups should be for this system to insure the comfort-R works, no short cycling etc. Particular setup 0220, 0230, 0240, 0250, 0380 and 0530. Also does 0510 pertain to me? Thanks in advance

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    I assume you are talking about the 'touchscreen' stat. I have one in my home and they work quite well.

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    220&230 should be at 3, 240 is for the furnace.what do you have for heating? 3 for 90% GAS FURNACE, 5 for 80% gas or oil. 250 is for 2nd stage furnaces, if thats what you have it should be set to 3 or 5 depending on the eff. 80/90%. this all pretains to the number of times the furnace will come on in one hr. lower the number the fewer times it will be starting also the longer it runs at those times.
    380- do you have a humidity sensor. most dont i would leave that at 0.
    530- do you want the home to be at the set temp. at the time its set for. set to one. if you want the furnace/ air conditioner to start up to reach set point at that time.
    510 is a reminder to check your humidifier, only need this if you have one

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    You can go to the Honeywell website and obtain all the installer setup codes for this thermostat. First go to

    Then in the lower right-hand corner, under the Literature Resources where it says All Literature and Model, in the box immediately below those type in TH8321 and click the red arrow to the right of this box. This will take you to all tghe literature available on your thermostat. The third document in the list to the left is 68-0280.pdf, which is the Product Data for the thermostat. Pages 16 to 19 contain all installer codes.

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