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    I was relocating a a/c when the neighbor came up to me and begged me to look at his new 2400sf house.his complaint was air noise at the masterbedroom supply that was located 5 ft from his bed and return air filter grill noise.i found that in the attic they installed 2 4ton air handlers ist flr had 8 6"and 2 5" aprox 1100 cfm with 1 return filter grill located at the 2nd flr hall 14x20 with 16" only fix for this i assume would to enlarge filter grill to a 14x30 lower fan speed to low(1400cfm)
    2nd flr only has 7 6" and 2 5" supplys(1000cfm) with the same return set up as the first flr located at 2nd flr hallway.allso both systems have no return plenums.just panned and collered with 16" fix lower fan speed from 1600 to 1400cfm add or enlarge runs to get an additional 4 or 500 cfm and enlarge filter grill to 30x14.
    8 ton of cooling for 2400 sf new house in jersey CRAzy.
    the masterbedroom supply next to his face when sleeping will be relocated or dampered off.i wander if the design was at first going to be one zone 4 tons.the effiancy wont be good will it????

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    They must be fighting...

    So, the solution is to add another 4-ton unit to be a referee!

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    size the house you may be able to only run one of them for the whole house

    yes it would be a waste of a unit but then at least it may be right

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