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    OK Thanks found this forum need some advise short back ground - I was branch manager at a Dist for HVAC (ducts - AC Furances you get the idea )for like 3 years untill branch closed so I thought I new a little to understand some things (never did do any recharging ot install co only sold Products) Ok for my question - Here about the last few years my central AC just seams not to be cooling like it was the years before - I got the house back in 95 -For like 7-8 years this baby would cool down fast & it could freeze you out if you want to - So I was think after this last few weeks of 94+ here in IL neede dto ge this looked at - A friend that I knew was in HVAC (for like 15 years) but now just does it part time .He came over yesterday and hooked up his gauges and was going to add freon if needed -Ok yesterday it was say like 85 when he check the one side his gauge read I think like 72-75 he said norm was like 10% of temp or something like that - Freon was OK he said - we have great airflow threw AC unit & great airflow threw inside Ac Coil .lines had normal condensation ( This unit is older mybe 80s but worked good) Ok - Temp at room outlets is 70deg (his gauge said 62) he said that was good for a older unit - I Think it still needs freon - am I wrong - Nothing is freezing up & compresor sema s to be Cycle ok - shouild I find someone else to check it & spend more money - Thanks

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    "great" and "normal" are not data terms and you need to have someone that knows what they are doing look at your system.

    There are many reasons for varying temperature differentials that only proper temperature and pressure readings are going to indicate the cause of. Your post does not touch on any of the pertinent information that is needed to determine a systems status.
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    what town are you in?

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    I am in Urbana IL

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