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    Anyone use one of those new fangled portable steamers to de-ice frozen evaporator coils?

    I have always used either a turbo torch or a pump sprayer with hot water.

    I always thought that steam would be the best, if it was even halfway portable.

    Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

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    I actually thought about picking up one of those steam cleaners to clean evap coils.

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    Bought Shark Steamer to defrost coils, after one rocet scientist burned a hole in an evaporator with turbo torch. Works well
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    Don't use them to defrost a coil cause I think it would just add heat and humidity to an already suffering box but I do use a small steam generator to clean condensor coils on refrigeration units. What a clean coil it makes and what a greasy mess!
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    I use a heat gun after melting fins with turbo torch, I never hear of those steam gennys'.... how about my steam Iron? Maybe even iron out those folded over fins too.
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