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    STULZ OHS Main Board!

    Okay, I have a bit of a problem, just wanted to make sure I dotted all I's and crossed T's. A while back worked on a stulz OHS model and Customer complained that Unit was off on hp, but after trying manual reset found that wasn't the case. But no output voltage from Main board to compressor contactor. Sail switch, LP and HP are all closed and only alarm input into board is condesate pump safety switch, which is also closed. I cannot figure any other reason why the board isn't sending output voltage to compressor except the board is bad. Also Smoke detector is not hooked up to board. Are there any other inputs to the board that would keep it from kickin the compressor on??? Also tried swapping controller with another controller for similar unit, that didn't work, and the controller has no alarms present. I ordered a new board and will be going back to replace it next week. If anyone has any Information regarding it, pleeeeeze help a young tech out

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    Just trust in your technical ability and change the flippin board!...okay so i did and it worked, thanks for all the help!

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