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    A friend that has rental property called me this week asking whether he was getting ripped off for a condensing unit changeout. I told him the price was fair and he should take a look at some of his other properties and have them done this fall if they have a lot of age and explained about 13 SEER coming soon. He hadn't heard at all and was suprised the contractor hadn't mentioned it. I can remember a lot of media exposure concerning car AC's when R-12 was phased out and am suprised that no attention is being given to this outside of our own industry. Has anyone seen anything on the news that I haven't?

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    Its not ''Sensational'' enough

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    Now if there was some kind of war over the change to 13 seer the media would be all over it. Lets say that if we go to 13 seer that the spotted owls in california might be affected being someone says that they feel the # 13 on the unit upsets them. Now instead of not putting the # 13 on it the envimentalists insist the we go to 20 seer units skipping the numbers between 13 and 20 being THEIR JUST TOO DAM CLOSE TO the news media might report on that and Im sure they would be on the enviramentalists side. who nows, Maybe Jane Fonda might even get in on the higher seer bandwagon after she gets done with picketing the war.

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    The news won't pick this story up until it has some kind of "crisis" element to it...such as homeowners discovering they can't just swap out the condenser anymore without also changing out the air handler, which they discover is considerably larger and won't fit where the old air handler was.

    Even then there would likely have to be some kind of scam angle to work so it will get people up in arms and subsequently increase the local paper or station's ratings. Such as a hack going around claiming to sell 13 SEER equipment but actually it's his backstock of 10 SEER he's trying to offload. Charging 13 SEER prices for 10 SEER stuff.

    Seems nowadays it ain't newsworthy unless it's guaranteed to draw more folks to the news source.

    But if you read or take the ACHR News, they're all over the 13 SEER story! So much so, it makes one want to say, "Back off!"
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