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tpa-fi, I was liking your posts until that last one. You need to brush up on triacs. What do you think is inside of every dimmer in your house? That's 110v, not 24. And they switch on and off 120 times a second. Try to have a relay do that for 10 years. Ask Honeywell why they use relays. I'll bet you a beer they won't tell you triacs are unreliable.
I have quite a few triac-based dimmers around the house...and yep, I end up having to replace at least one of them a year. Lutron, Leviton, doesn't matter, they still go out. Even the ETC Sensor modules fail, and those $$$. I do find it interesting that ETC's moving to inverter-based dimming and getting away from the triacs. Everything I've seen which is "mission critical" still uses relays.

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