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Thread: hoists

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    We have had a 520 lift for 25 years. They haven't changed the design in all of that time. Parts are readily available. We have replaced every part including the casters.

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    We have one of those that we use quite a bit to place AHU's in ceilings. We love it. The only downfall as mentioned is having to lift the equipment up on to the platform (about 4'). It is also not the greatest tool if you are planning to lift the load and then move it horizontaly. The load becomes very unstable if not centered. Also, as the load is removed from the lift, you have to requlate the pressure carefully or it will continue to push when you don't want it to unlike a mechanical lift.

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    I have used two versions of that
    the one I have used the most is up to 12 ft and fully collapsed its just ubnder 4ft

    they will lift 500 lbs
    I have used them mostly for low unit heaters or in ceiling heat pumps.

    You have to have the weight centred
    they will work with nitrogen and freon in a pinch

    they are GREAT!
    Watch the ram if you slid a load off the platform will jump up till it hits something or reaches its max extension

    Ive had the 5 ton square mcquay heatpumps and the 10 ton square mquay heat pumps on them as well just have to be centred for weight
    the beauty is that there's no mast at the side to get in the way
    they are super easy to get into elevators and in and out of your truck too - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    step 1) man lifts unit

    step 2) unit falls on co2 tank

    step 3) valve breaks off of co2 bottle

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