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    I've got an old Fraser-Johnston oil burning furnace.
    Info: Commercial Standard CS-195-60
    SN#: 83280050056
    Series: LXM
    Model: 80B0UH0

    Last night it decided to start squealing at me. It squeals on heat, A/C or fan only. So should I assume that its a bearing on the fan/blower? Anyone know what part#/mfr. it'll need? Can I run it for a little while before it completely burns out? The noise is bearable as long as I'm not in the basement where it's located.
    Thanks ahead!!

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    Can I run it for a little while before it completely burns out?


    sure you can run it as long as you like . the only thing that will happen if it is a bearing , will be that the bearing will become frozen to the shaft and it will become just about impossible to remove.

    If you were to change it now instead of later after it has frozen, you may not need to buy all of those extra parts.

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    is it belt driven or direct drive?

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    If you run it long enough, new bearings and shaft. Longer, new blower assembly and wheel ,too.$$$
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    I'd check to see if the blower wheel is hitting the shroud or something else is rubbing. At that age, it's sure to be a belt-drive blower, so something has probably shifted and something is rubbing.

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    its most likely a belt drive. try replaceing the belt you can often match them up at your auto parts store. if that dosnt fix it call a service company,its some thing that can get really bad and cost more to fix later than now.

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