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    Total Newbie....

    Have been working in the trade for 18 my G2 and ODP card.
    I was a Tool and Die Maker in my other life....
    Was doing mostly residential work but recently got a job doing commercial / light industrial....WHOLE NEW WORLD...
    Hopefully I will get my A/C ticket and then I will be set..5yrs, So much to learn.

    Just wanted to say hi and prepare everyone for a barrage of Questions....

    I have a fluke 116 meter but now need a clamp meter...any suggestions, Fluke again or maybe a Greenlee...

    Thanks in advance to all. Ramhammer

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    Welcome aboard. Hang on because you can't learn it all in a life time!
    Don't worry zombies are looking for brains, you're safe...

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    My Grandfather was a Tool and Die Maker, if you need a clampmeter that does everything the SC-77 by fieldpiece is a good one. If you just need to read current, ohms and volts I have the Ideal #61-746 it was less than $90.00 at Loew's it is true rms and reads up to 40 million ohms and is catIII 600volt rated. The fluke 902 is one a lot of guys like, kind of spendy and ohms scale doesn't go very high. Welcome Aboard!
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    welcome, you'll need to get that post count up so when you ask a question the replies will mean something to you ( you'll want to ask technical questions in the pro forums)
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    Welcome here!

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    The statement below is my signature and just my overall feeling towards our industry and does not necessarily pertain to you nor this thread.

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