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Thread: JCI question

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    JCI question

    Have a JCI C500aac controller in a unit and the unit is using those r81 kits on the valve actuators.

    Wanting to put a spyder on the unit and was wondering if the spyder can be used to operate those r81 kits on the actuators.

    The drawing I have calls the wiring controlling the actuator the level 1 bus and Im wondering if the c500 actually communicates with the r81 or if it just sends out a proportional signal.

    If a proportional signal cannot be sent to the r81 Im also wondering if it would be feasible to just remove the r81 module and connect directly to the actuator motor with 24vac using floating point.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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    The R81Cxx and R81Dxx boards communicate directly with the C500 series controllers (and later ASC controllers for that matter). If you remove the board there aren't any terminals to land wires on plus you may have a spring return actuator. I'd change the actuator. You might still be able to get an R81Gxx Vdc/mA board to replace the current board.
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    I should have mentioned that we are trying to stay away from trying to find a module that does vdc or ma...

    Anyhow... I have not removed a module yet but I am fiquring that the motor itself has pins on it that the ddc module plugs onto and was also fiquring that there must be a connector out there for those pins somewhere.

    If its a circuit board that plugs onto some motor pins then there is a connector out there somewhere.....probably a set screw type too....but even a cirboard connector could be made to work if one put their mind to it.

    Just a matter of matching up a connector.

    Guess we will have to come up with some options for the customer. Think there are three actuators...CW, HW and econo air......might not be too bad replacing the actuators.

    JCI did some weird stuff didnt they... I mean...that c500 is pretty much a unit controller if Im reading my materials right.... why not just have aos for the actuators instead of a comm bus.

    Ive got another one here that sends a signal to a digital to proportional device that then controls some 0-10 volt e to ps....... why not just cut out the middle man and run that 0-10 from the main controller....

    We all drink the koolaid.. Just that some of us prefer different flavors.

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