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    OK. I've been reading the site for about a week now. I've chosen a contractor that comes with good references, I've chosen a Trane xl14i unit with matching coil for a dual fuel system. This is a system that is high efficiency and doesn't break my bank.

    I would like to know what checks should be done after the install to make sure the unit is working to it best capabilities. I feel I've chosen a good firm, but I want to know what need checked after everything is put in. I want to avoid some of the problem others have experienced after the install with air flow, maintaining temperature and humidity problem after the system is accepted and the contractor paid. I know the firm isn't going away-they have been in business over 40 years-I just want the knowledge to know they did it right.

    Thank you!

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    Post pictures here and we will pick it apart for you.

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    Information is the best thing.

    Get the installers to write down:
    Suction Pressure
    Discharge Pressure
    Indoor Air Temp
    Outdoor Air Temp
    Temp Differance of Evaporator and Condenser coils

    Hmm, I'm forgetting something. Help me out here guys.

    Tell them you've been doing some reading and want to know. I never had a problem with giving this information to a HO but please don't hammer the installers about the numbers. Like mattm said, let us pick it apart before you ask the questions.

    By the way, my company requires this information be documented on every PM service. They don't always do it but its required.

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    Kinda of late for asking, seeing you okayed the install already.

    you should have looked for a contractor that includes commissioning after an install in your bid!

    Commissioning is the process of doing a performance on said installed equipment, to see if everything is performing as it should, otherwise, they need to correct it before getting paid, don't you think?

    Now, are they required to perform a startup report?
    Does it mention it in the contract?

    Let me know if they record anything on paper and give you a record of it. Only a professional would do this!

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    cfm-superheat-subcooling-wet bulb in/out-dry buld in/out-entholpy(sp?)-running volts and amps.-head pressure-suction pressure-full check of safeties.all this assuming proper install,leak check-vac. pulled to 500mics or better. ask to see a start-up checklist.. good luck
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    I don't know where you live but obviously you need A/C and a bit later heat. So, turn down the stat after the initial performance testing is done. Let 'er run. If the temps are in the 80's with some humdidity get the house down in the low 70's for a day or so. Ok, a bit warmer at night. If no one is home during the day let it cool down well and see what the humidity and temps are when you get home. If it's too cold, open a door or two and a window for a bit and then close them and see how the unit responds. Ok, you waste a few bucks but you are taking it out for a test drive in the mountains so to speak. Ante up. Invest in a pencil type thermometer and check return temp and temps at registers. Log it in somewhere. Get a humidity meter too. This is from a technician's reference, not an installer/contractor. It's what I would like to do on no cool calls but I can't stay that long. I set pressures and take temps and assume it will cool like it should etc.

    Once we get near October and the temps drop low, do a test of the furnace even if it isn't new. Just to make sure it now operates like it did before the new A/C. Change the filter. If it's older and hasn't been checked in awhile call that contractor and set up a maintenance check up after you run a test or two. See what the TD is. About that time cover the top of the condensor or buy an ac cover for it. Don't wrap it in plastic.

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    Equipment Selection & Review Level

    Arc8 has provided great guidance.

    40-year old firm should have Test Report as a standard.
    Ask to see their Start-Up Test Report Form!

    You can always hire a 3rd party to perform Test & Balance (T&B) ... however,
    this additional review may be considered " a bit much of an extra" for some residential customers. However, T&B is required in nearly all Commercial applications.

    TRANE XL16i should only cost a few hundred $ more,
    if you wish to pursue a 2-stage set-up that
    handles off-peak loads better and somewhat improved humdity control.
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    As I read through this site I don't think I saw anyone talk about a commissioning report. Maybe its in the professional part of the site that I am not a part of?

    The xl14i that I'm getting is a heat pump not an AC unit and it has the funky cover on it so I really don't want to cover it up in the winter. BTW I am in Missouri.

    Thanks for your inputs-I just wanted to be aware of what they should check after the install to make sure they did it right. You are all right I didn't make it a part of the contract
    - which specific checks to be done- But I do have the statement that start up and check out is part of the installation. Now I have an idea of what they should check. And others like me that come to this site to get educated before their purchase will also!!

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