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    I am in a union...We have drug testing, They aso keep a copy your drivers license and run routine checks on it. You may have random drug test if they feel the need or are involved in a accident.. I am in favor if this and don't consider it an invasion of privacy. I sure don't want to work with someone who is high or drunk, after all his mistake could injure me or someone else. The company's point of view is it is their insurance and vehicle and they would have most of the liability if something bad happened.

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    Originally, Penguin, when I read your complaint... I was thinking... Screw them, if they don't trust me to the point where they do random checks... In Canada, it isn't often that happens... and in the US, bigger centers, with different problems (Actually the SAME problems but on a larger scale)... but after hearing all the responses. If they are worried about insurance, or had problems with other techs, or even discussed this matter over coffee with a friend from another company who had that problem... I'm guessing, if you drive well, keep your liscence... then maybe it's not really a problem. Clean liscence, clean slate.

    However, our Canadian Trust Issues... are haunted when things like this happen.

    If my employers here in Mideast Alberta were to require drug testing, driver's abstracts, and any other 'big brother' nonsense in Small city around here... I'd likely leave, even though I wouldn't have a worry over any of their findings. It's that damned need for that Canadian Trust Issue... is all.

    Maybe in T.O. or Vancouver... it's similar to the States... where the world of humanity is VERY different by way of volume!
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    See I don't quite see the point of monthly DL checks So I have it today, It didn't mean I was out drinking on Saturday Night and got a 24 hr suspension I can still get it back before monday.

    As Far as I'm concerned a DL abstract going back 5 yrs is more important Because it would show a history of offenses not just the day they want to see your DL This history demonstraights your nature to stay clean or not clean.

    I thank every one for their viewpoints regardless of their position the differing points gave cause for thought.

    I'm still going to leave though just as soon as I can
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