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    Quote Originally Posted by n locklair View Post
    There are alot of Hacks in this bussiness unfortunately! You never know who worked on that unit an what they BYPASSED or CONTINUELY reset. When I open the circuit on a disconnect, I at least always push in all contactors. I work on familiar equipment as well. So I know the guys that have been there before me. But you should always use your meter....It just might save your LIFE!.....And that my fellow Brethren is worth it!
    The guy before me was a very good mechanic with too much work and no supplies, he bypassed a fuse in a disconnect. Did not tag it. I did not check to see if the voltage was there. Burnt through my favorite line cutters. I always check now.

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    Yup, small independant movie theater, fuses kept blowing, and the plastic holder melted or blew apart or something. So they removed the fuses and wired it straight, with the plastic cover and pull out still in place. Thats when I got to work on it......

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    a disconect is a safety device , also can be used to shot system down in case of a emergency, so i usually try to find the main source which is usually a breaker or a electrical box with multiple connections,or multiple electrical boxes involve supplying the required power to the system, it might take a little longer to get the system going but on the other hand you get to know the exact conditions of all the electrical components of the system.

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    Here's the one from Saturday. I've seen them before where someone put the plug back in. This one was out and my guess was it was DEAD. Hummm... Dead Wrong. I was working on the one beside it anyway but this could be deadly.

    Yes, I know I Shouldn't But I Just Can't Help Myself...

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    I had an Emergency call on Saturday, were a residence was turned to State Gov. commercial. Circuit breaker disconnect was bypassed, because it burned up. Went to the Breaker boxes, there is Brand new one, and an old one. Breaker tripped and welded open. Took a closer look, old box is all aluminum wire. Got to love these State Gov. low bid jobs. If this was private ownership they'd be shut down. Gaurantee it will be pushed under the rug, with minimium repair.

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