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    i like the idea......

    Quote Originally Posted by JEG8233 View Post
    I keep a Remington 870 Express with the 18" barrel, pistol grip, surefire tac light on the fore end, and the M4 style collapsable stock. Keep it loaded with #1 Buckshot. Matter fact I don't think I keep an unloaded firearm in the
    ....of the tac light on your weapon so there is no chance of an accidental killing of a family member by mistake.....they just defeated c.c. in chicago , but it's no surprise..even though there have been a number of killings with automatic weapons here......i've heard the gangs have better weapons than the police , and more....Jack
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    Found this Mossburg 500 specialty
    Field security combo

    seems to be what i am looking for

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    So how do all these guns effect the crime rate ?

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    Just bought 1200rds of 7.62x39 bout to buy another 1200rds. Need to start stock piling my ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZeroTolerance View Post
    Just bought 1200rds of 7.62x39 bout to buy another 1200rds. Need to start stock piling my ammo.
    Just picked up an AK47 yesterday for 250.00....its Romanian. Also got 180 rnds. in the deal...not that wolf crap.
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