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Thread: I hate spiders.

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    When we built our Florida home there were lots of Wolf Spiders floating about in the house.....some as big as your hand.

    The 'bug guy" said not to kill them as they will eat lots of little pests.

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    How about working under a trailer house! all kinds of web and spiders to go with that. I'm glad i work for myself, i don't do trailer homes anymore. ha ha ha.

    yeah, not anymore.

    oops, i just got a call from a competitor(he's a friend), he wants me to do a service call tomorrow, i said yes, then he said it's a trailer house, it's not cooling! oh oh!
    i can't back out now.

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    Originally posted by James 3528
    You have always cracked me up Johnny. Man you're still messed up You still have my e-mail address? [/B]
    Ya, I know I've got issues, always have. My issues are back now that I'm on all these meds. I have been having the strangest thoughts and things happening to me now. I think I got your E-mail,..I'll send you something and see...

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