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    I'm maintaining apartement roof top units.
    One unit does not cool well at all,
    it's a 1 1/2 ton Rheem , very old.

    low side is 60, high side 315 with a slight flutering,line temp 110 or more ? difficult to take super cool/heat readings

    sorry it was very hot on the roof and could not wait to get out, was there for a few hours.

    Any ideas on what I should be looking for to make it work correctly ?

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    what is supercool

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    Heat or not, you got to get some more info. Roof top or sitting out by the side of the house it's all the same. Filter? Blower speed? Fan speed? Coil (condenser) condition, TXV or cap tube? Evap coil dirty? Air flow correct? Superheat and subcool, ambient temp, temp above the condensor, and pressure readings after the unit has been on for 15 min would all help. provide more info.

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    Originally posted by hotsummer101
    Any ideas on what I should be looking for to make it work correctly ?
    A competent Tech?

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    I'm a Super Cool Tech, what can I say ?

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    Mike J , you do have a good point,
    I guess I should get off my ass and do it.

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    But does'nt the 315 psi on high side indicate higher than normal operating pressure regardless of super heat/coll redaings

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    Use a foaming coil cleaner on the condenser to be sure it is clean, even if the surface looks clean.

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    Regarding that foam cleaner on the condenser,

    I'm worried about washing it away with many electrical lines all around, is it OK to wash it away with a hand held
    water sprayer,thatw ay I don't get too much water all around

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    You might as well skimp on the coil cleaner too....

    You can either do a job professionally or hackish. It's you choice.

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    I assume you are saying that I should use a source of high pressure water to clean off the coil (with cleaner of course)

    are there any alternatives to using water hoses ?

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    are there any alternatives to using water hoses ?

    1) a fire hose

    2)pressure washer

    3)toothbrush and a bucket of water

    4)supersoaker squrit gun

    5) spit on it

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