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    Hello all,
    I am new to the field and have been on the job for two months. Attended adult education course at boces, no college yet.
    Question is, when you don't have the correct capacitor on your van, and can't get one untill the following day. How do you put the two together to get up and running. My text book had the how to in it but I did not take notes before I had to turn it in.
    Thanks for any help.

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    You just run jumpers from terminals on the first to the terminals on the second and your good to go, make sure you stay close to the same if not the same on mfd the voltage is less important.
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    You add the mfd when they are wired in parallel.
    10 + 30=40
    Voltage is important.Do not use a 370 volt if you had a 440 volt original. The motor creates a back EMF and that voltage needs to be high enough. I just carry the 440 volt caps in my stock because you can use the 440 to replace either the 370 or 440.

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    buy a universal capacitor get them up and running till you can get the right one

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