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    after tripping fuse, and turning inside adjustment to cool, it won't stay running longer than 5 minutes
    we repeat the steps all over again, with the same results

    one time it cut on for a second and then wouldn't stay on

    trying to get it to cool to 75, thermo says 80
    thanks in advance

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    Could be high or low pressure switch. Have to have a pro check it out. Could also be tripping overload in compressor. Too many causes to mention here. System needs to be trouble shot by a pro.
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    Check air filters and if they are clean turn unit off and call for service. There is obviously something wrong with the unit. If you keep trying to "make" it run you could burn out the compressor which will be very costly

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    A fuse blows or a circuit breaker trips for a reason. Replacing or resetting them without knowing the cause is asking for trouble. Ask an oldtimer about pennies.

    Had a coworker once who tried to hold in the circuit breaker that would trip rather than find the outlet that a child had shorted out with a screwdriver. Was kinda funny to see him jump back when the big spark came.

    Call an hvac company to check out the whole unit and you will get cooling.

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