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    Should you turn off your a/c when there is lightning to protect against surges? While everyone I've talked to says lightning poses a threat, some folks have said that lightning is so strong that turning off the a/c won't do anything to protect from lightning

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    Helps somewhat if you have a 2 pole vs. single pole contactor on your HP, no help at all for the single pole contactor.
    Turning off the breaker and the 2 pole contactor HP is even better, as the lightning surge will take a different lower impedance path, like thru your TV and computer.
    Whole house surge arrestor makes sense in many but not all areas of the country.

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    Would recommend turning off during an electric storm. The power can go off and back on in short cycles or even have low voltage as power lines are switched. A condensor should be left off at least 3 minutes if it gets turned off.This allows an unloaded start(pressures in the system need to balance).If they are not balance the compressor will have a hard time starting. Breakers tripping and fuses blowing even wiring and contactors can be stained.
    I seen an air conditioner that had a lightning strike. I figured it would be toast. Found a pin hole leak between aluminum siding and the copper lineset. Repaired leak and the air conditioner worked. So you never know.

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    If lightning is close its best to turn it off, Ive found the electronics like defrost controls and such are first to go, last week had a customer loose his defrost board, garage door opener, computer, router, cordless phones etc..., nothing else wrong with the ac, just wouldnt run due to the time delay feature in the board was toast

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    having good grounding of all of the electrical system is the first line of defense against surges --

    having surge protectors is good for any electronics -- get one with $25k warranty against surge damage -- Panamax is an outstanding brand! I have used these for over 10yr & know they work, had one vaporized once -- had to send back for replacement, but computer & copier were ok.

    look at the lightening arrestor at a pole transformer -- they are BIG.

    in rual areas, whole house surge protectors are advisable --

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    local electric co.

    your local electric company probably offers some type of lightning protection/insurance. in tampa, they offer the zap cap, guarantee devices up to $5000. costs about $7.00 a month service fee to have.

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