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    1. For residential applications is there any difference in EFFICIENCY between package/split heat pumps. I'm aware of the space advantages and the factory installed piping advantage of package, but purely from an efficiency point of view....
    2. If you have square duct (is that referring to the lines that feed off the main trunk line only?) - should you replace with round?
    3. My attic has a square metal trunk line from the air handler but flexible round feeding off of it to the registers. Was that a proper way to install. Thanks

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    Ductwork sounds correct, square main, round runs. As far as package or split system, higher effiecency available in split system, I believe most package units are 10 SEER.
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    1.Higher SEERs available in split systems.

    2.Square or round is fine,correct size ,per Manual D design is what's important.

    3.Yes it's proper ,but not the only way, that it can be done.

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