I am in the process of selling my current house (which has a basement) and buying a house with a crawl space.

I know very little about houses with crawl spaces. Hence the problem I am reporting is foreign to me since my basement is conditioned.

Today a certified house inspector came to the new property and here is what he wrote up on the HVAC:
1- Have a licensed HVAC tech. come out and inspect/service the unit before I buy the house. (I agree and it will be done. I was going to do this anyway after the initial inspection.)
2- He said the HVAC pipes, under the house are sweating, and there is some water dripping/puddling on the vapor barrier. (I assume supply pipes)
3- He said there is a bit of mildew on the floor joists due to the sweating of the HVAC pipes (I assume supply)
4- His suggestion is for homeowner to spray with bleach for the small amount of mildew. But he said the problem needs to be corrected which is water dripping from the flexi duct.
5- His suggestion was a dehumidifier and to be sure a licensed HVAC tech. serviced the unit/make recommendations on how to solve the sweating.

This house is in the Atlanta area.
The outside temp. today was 100 (wet heat!!)
Piping that is in question is flexi duct
Air handler is in crawl space and unit is a goodman 6YO
There will be an HVAC Tech. onsite in a few days and the credentials of this gentlemen appears to be great via referrals.

I just want to be informed enough to be sure the right things are done before we sink our money into this house. The current homeowner has agreed to pay for the HVAC visit. But the current owner is also in commercial construction and I do not want him to attempt a bandaid since he is not HVAC trained.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. And I am not going to attempt any DYI stuff nor do I want the current owner to do anything. (However, even their realtor admits he is very difficult to deal with and he "knows" alot since he is in the construction business. Which makes me nervous.)

I guess what I am asking is what would you Pro.'s do if this were your house?

As always thanks for your advice.