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    I just had my 20+ year old heat pump replaced for my upstairs and am wondering about the installation. The older version was quieter. For starters, I can hear the freon moving through the pipes coming from downstairs. Sounds like running water. With the old system, it was hardly noticeable. That really is not that annoying. What is annoying is it seems like the unit in the attic vibrates in such a way that the sound resonates very loudly at the return. Is there anything that can be done about this? Is this just the way some installations are or should I call the guy back who installed it?

    Thanks in advance

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    Being we're not there and the unit is new yes I would call the tech back and let him inspect it again.

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    Could be harmonics from the blower wheel, can be rectified by repositioning the blower on the shaft. Other cause could be an unbalanced blower wheel, check that the blower wheel is running true. Best advice is to have your installer check it out.
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