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    I am installing a zero clearance insert into my existing fireplace opening.It will have 1 foot to the front edge of the hearth which has a 1" maple corner trim on it.Is this an issue or anything to be concerned about. I recall these being in places with carpet very close so I don't think it will be a problem but I am not a fireplace installer.I know someone here will know, thanks.

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    Exclamation clearances and terminology

    There is no such thing as a Zero clearance insert except that it can touch the firebox itself if you are talking about a gas or wood stove insert. The insert mfr.s instructions will state the clearance and shielding requirements. For unlisted stoves, you would go by NFPA 211, which calls for an 18" noncombustible perimeter around the stove on the floor and a 36" clearance btw the stove itself and combustibles. This means check the clearance to any mantel or trim also. If you saw insert woodstoves installed closer than 18" to carpet they probably were in violation of the listed instructions.

    Get the stove instructions and read carefully. If still any doubts, send a fax to the mfr. with drawings showing your intended installation along with digital pics if possible. This will help them in assisting you with the best choice for your application.

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