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    I was thinking some what the same dash.

    How many times have people posted they had some one do it on the side, and then get bashed for going cheap.

    How many times is call a qualified contractor been the answer.

    This poster wants to improve himself so he can do more SIDE jobs, not to be worth more to his company.(pity his companies customers)

    OP, great for wanting to learn.
    Wrong reasoning!
    Contractor locator map


    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    I think the same thing but the last time this subject came up and I objected to helping someone do sidework on his boss, I got flamed by a boss saying he did not have a problem of his employees doing sidework.....ok thats fine guess I will just keep my mouth shut on this one.

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    I think Diego is entitled to make a good living like everyone else and I don't mean to put him down, but as a homeowner I would not want to hire someone who does not know how the stuff he puts together works. We probably are an over regulated society but doesn't he have to have a license which is obtained after passing some exam?

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    Diego, if you are an installer working in northern calif doing residential installs, we probably work for the same company. new installs right?

    If he is working for the same company , they have a ton of installers that have been trained to do residential construction installation with very little if any technicial training. I mite also add that if he is an installer for this company , $12.00 an hour would be the reason he is doing side jobs cause thats about the average pay for new residential installers here

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    andBTW go to sacramento city college for your books. They have the books that Norm has recommended . If you are in the bay area do as BB suggested and go to SJ

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    Hello, Ct2. Actually I started with Beutler. I quit Beutler for that exact same reason. I worked out of the Antioch shop. Mainly livermore/dublin/pleasanton area. Beutler is a decent company and they keep you working year round rain or shine, but they don't give their installers adequate training. I wanted to learn Gutter and I almost never got the opportunity.

    I joined a Central Valley company, rhymes with Skeleton... Hehe! Great Company, Does Quality Work, and the guys who actually work in the field have a lot of experience.

    I live in the Central Valley so I'm going to look into a local Community College for a couple of classes. By the way Ct2, I'm sure you know of Beutler's ZTE plenums, have they had any problems with them, when I was hooking up the ZTE's they didn't put a Bypass Damper in case one zone remained completely closed.

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