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    iam a student at LTI and we do not ever discuss the geo thermal system mainly to the lack of knowledge, we have a closed loop system manuf by trane it seems to do great in the summer getting temps down very nice. In winter the
    system is not so great we have cathedral type ceilings and the system is always in the EMERGENCY MODE when it gets to
    the below freezing temps, to get the temps up but its
    still always a little bit on the cool side .with my
    schooling i want to start experimenting taking pressures
    but do not know what to add to the high side and subtract from the low side, the coil has never been cleaned so i would like to see the difference after cleaning. its a r-22 system. also is the water in and out a 10- diff like a
    chiller . it also aides in heating our hot water in the
    winter.any help would be great and a great confidence booster in knowing a little bit about this system

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    It's not as easy as just throwing guages on it.

    If it goes into emergency heat mode below zero, it's probably not sized to cover the amount of btu's lost at below zero temps.

    If ya wanna really get to it, do a heat gain/heat loss calc. Find out how many loops there are and how long, type of soil, etc. -find the capacity of the equipment and what the loops can handle.........

    Perfect learning experience in your own house!

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