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Thread: Big old furnace

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    I did a changeout today and removed a 150k btu lennox furnace. Originally, I was only going to change the coil, line set, and condensor but the discharge opening was 30x20 and nobody makes a coil with those dimensions. So it all had to go. Furnace had a 5 ton drive and the condensor was a 5 ton luxaire. The coil was a dual circuit with two suction lines going to a heder and then into the condensor. The discharge was 1/2 inch. I replaced it with a 4 ton system, 100k 90% Gibson. I will be there again tomorrow. Should be easier with out all the lifting. That furnace was a beast to get up the stairs. Just my blaber for the day.
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    Don't recall if Lux ever used a double suction line or not. Kinda think not. Westinghouse and some of the old Dunham-Bushes did. Glad you didn't change the outdoor unit and put it on that Smithsonian vintage coil!

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    I have an old Whirlpool unit as large as the one you discribed which is no longer in use even though it works fine, boss told me to remove it and also the old unit outside, it's 24 years old and still cools well, now we're lucky if we get 15 years tops with out units of today, oh how things have changed.

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    reminds me of an old unit in a basement one time we did,...old chrysler unit i think,..all i know was it was as big as an automobile and there wasn't no way it was going up the stairs they had,....guess they dropped it down there and built the house over it??..

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