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    iam a student I got a ? i am in my book looking for a answer to my thought process if you front seat the ssv to check that the ssv valve will hold a 28 vaacuum to assure your ssv is good, why doesnt the compressor windings not burn up arent you preventing the compresssor from not being cooled by the ref gas so in affect your
    choking off the compressor from being fed any ref is the 2 min allowed time given have something to do with it or do i have the whole operation misunderstood

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    Ok....Good Question, First They are Service Ports, High & Low.......You Are Runing In a Nonoxygen Envirment And At 28 " Vac.....The compresor Is free Wheeling!....Remember a Compressor Can't Push What It Can't Sux.....I Thunk myabeey!!
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    front seat the ssv

    When the procedure you describe is done, the compressor will/should not run more than a few seconds. This is done to check the valve plate (suc&disc) also to lower the crankcase pressure in order to service the compressor. ie: add oil,clean sump strainer,service oil pump,change an operating control, etc.

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    also if your pumping down the compressor at the SSV your not compressing any freon and with that the windings will no require the normal cooling from the suction return.
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    One thing to keep in mind, under a high vacuum with power going to the comp there can be arcing between motor windings. Yes the refrigerant does cool the windings, but it also acts like a dielectric. Arcing is one of the biggest reasons compressor manufacturers don't want you running a comp in a vacuum for anything other than brief valve testing.

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