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    I have two story home with approximately 2600sq ft of living space. Yesterday I had some time on my hands (obviously), so I borrowed a Newport iTHX-M Temperature/Humidity sensor from a guy at work and took some readings to see how well the system is performing. Comments Welcome

    3 Ton Carrier Infinity (38TDB36-30, CK5PW36, 58MVP80-14) No zoning, New home less than 1 year old. (The builder/dealer by rule of thumb said I should have 4 Ton. The neighbors with similar homes are all getting 4 Ton)

    Room Layouts:
    Large Family Room, Formal Living Room, Formal Dining Room, Kitchen/Nook area, Garage

    Master Suite, 3 Bedrooms, Bonus Room (20x20) above garage

    Outside Conditions:
    Central Indiana, Last 3 days temp was between 92 and 100 with very high humidity. Heat Index Between 100-110. Lots of direct sun

    The readings were taken at 5:30PM when the outdoor temp was 90.6 @ 71.6%RH. The stat is always set for 73 daytime switching to 72 at 5:00pm

    1st Floor
    72.50F 52.60% Dining Room (supply closed) (1st floor return)
    73.50F 49.80% Living Room (supply closed)
    72.80F 51.70% Family Room @ Inner Wall by STAT
    The Thermostat reads 73F @ 46%RH
    73.50F 51.00% Family Room Center

    2nd Floor
    71.40F 49.50% Master Bedroom
    71.70F 47.50% Bedroom 1
    71.00F 54.90% Bedroom 2
    74.80F 58.60% Bedroom 3 (door closed, no return air)
    71.00F 50.20% Bonus Room Above Garage
    71.60F 48.40% Hall (2nd floor return)

    I also tested the supply air temps upstairs.
    HIGH Stage @1050 CFM

    72.10F 52.50% 1st floor return register
    52.50F 84.40% Master Bedroom
    51.80F 86.10% Bedroom 1
    51.80F 86.10% Bedroom 2
    52.70F 84.00% Bedroom 3
    49.20F 88.80% Bonus Room E Supply
    49.10F 88.50% Bonus Room S Supply

    Here are some other readings on the Bonus Room S Supply at different stages and CFM

    49.80F 90.30% HIGH 1200
    48.90F 89.60% HIGH 1050
    47.40F 90.10% HIGH 975
    52.50F 92.00% LOW 756
    51.90F 91.30% LOW 661
    51.80F 90.80% LOW 615
    51.00F 90.10% LOW 519

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    Is there supposed to be a problem? I sure don't see one.

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    ok so what is the problem or what is the question u want to ask

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    The bedroom with no return ,needs a transfer or jumper return.Other then that ,Nice system, isn't it!

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    you need a new unit.......


    was bored too
    Don't interrupt me while i'm talking to myself

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    Replace it with a real system: A Goodman!

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    There's no problem. I thought it would be refreshing to post a new homeowners experience who is proud that the system actually works as designed. I don’t see many happy home owners here, but I can understand why. A happy customer tells 1 person, an unhappy customer tells everyone.

    Thanks Dash, I usually keep the bedrooms open so the lack of airflow hasn’t been an issue yet. The installing dealer gave me his business card, and told me to give him a call if I wanted them to add a return in the bedrooms. I may consider it when I make some kids to fill them.

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    Originally posted by jthomas21
    give him a call if I wanted them to add a return in the bedrooms. I may consider it when I make some kids to fill them.

    next time you get bore, work on it
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    Thanks for posting that info. Looks like 3.0 tons is certainly large enough for your house and similar ones. I will second the opinion that it's generally a good thing to have a return air for the master bedroom. In some houses like mine, the problem is acute when something like 400 CFM tries to get back through a 1/2-inch opening under the door <g>.

    Best of luck -- P.Student

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    Corky agrees

    Originally posted by special ed
    Replace it with a real system: A Goodman!
    Hey Special Ed, my Helper Corky agrees with you and will post his opinion as soon as he gets done gnawing the the insulation off the 220 line were about ready to hook up
    to the disconnect.


    HHmmmmmmm.... told that boy to make sure the juice was of a'fore he started chewin'.

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