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    Confused Honeywell XBS to SymmetrE

    We are in the progress of upgrading our schools from Honeywell XBS to SymmetrE 410, contractor didn’t do good job before programming XBS, now we want to avoid that from happening again. Any suggestions, ideas what to look for are very appreciated.
    Thanks to all in advance.

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    I think I would have stuck with XBS instead of going to SymmetrE. AX would have been a better choice.
    Go Rangers!

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    What do you have in the field?

    I guess XL500, if so then SymmetrE should be fairly straightforward. If you have event programs in the XBS (I think these are called Global event initiated programs from memory) then these can be fairly tricky to replicate in SymmetrE as you need to get into the world of Visual Basic scripting.

    I have a few SymmetrE systems installed which are working well. I also have a few EBI's which are quite frankly pants!, (I think this is more to do with the BNPS server though). That said SymmetrE can be a little clunky compared to some of the latter offerings like AX.

    You will need to regenerate your graphics from scratch, as there is no tool (I know of) to upgrade the Micrografx designer drawings to HTML. Probably better anyhow as you can update the look and feel of the system.

    Use operator based security when generating the quickbuilder database and remember to set up all your rotary stations even if they are not used at first.
    Er, thats about all I can think of at the moment.

    Good luck

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    There is a CDI tool used to convert from XBS to EBI, this tool also converts the graphics.

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