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    Good morning all,

    I stumbled on the forum this week and after reading through some of the posts/response have been impressed by the "well of knowledge" here.

    OK having got the sucking-up out of the way, I'll get to the real reason for my post....

    I live in Houston, TX and started experiencing some drop off in AC performance recently. So I called an AC contractor to service my AC systems, which have not been serviced since I bought the house four years ago. He serviced all 3 systems, recharged two with freon and informed me that the coil on the third was leaking badly and needed replacing imediately. He quoted me a price for a replacement. The price for the coil replacement was relatively expensive and got me thinking that perhaps I should look at replacing the entire system with a new higher efficency system.

    The house is 16 years old and the AC systems are all original so presumeably getting close to, if not at the end of their economical service life.

    I would like to evaluate the possible savings vs. cost for the various SEER units available. I don't know the size or SEER of the existing unit, I suspect it is 5 tons and 6-8 SEER. Component model numbers are -

    Outside unit - Lennox HS18-651-8P
    Furnace/air handler - Goodman GU125-5A Rev S
    AC Coil - couldn't find a nameplate.

    I would appreciate any guidance/thoughts on:
    1) Am at at the economic service life of this 16 year old system system, that has been trouble free for me todate.
    2) If I replace, how can I evaluate the cost/benefit of various SEER systems.
    3) Can I replace one of my systems without causing problems for the others.
    4) Any other suggestions welcomed.

    Thanks in advance.

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    There is a website that tells you the answer to your seer/cost question.You plug your numbers in to their calculator and compare...I dont know the name of it,but there is such thing.

    Next Year 13 seer systems will be lowest available offered for sale.

    There are many Houston contrators at this site ,so hang out awhile(my answers aint the best anyway!)

    If your satisfied with what you have now,then replace the coil and be done with it,I say.I am sure things are too busy down there right now!
    Sometimes there are compounding complexities of multiple variables that are not intuitively obvious

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    Having read your post again...maybe time to get rid of the 16 year old condensor too.

    [And try to think of another question to ask with the word "Houston" in the title.]

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    Yes at 16 years of age in your area it is time to consider replacing your units. But I wouldn’t do it at this time.
    Now is the time to research what you need and who will do the best job for you. Click on the following links to get some of the information you will need and have a better idea of the questions to ask. Call 3 or more contractors let them know you are looking into replacing these units in the fall. That alone gives you time to check on them.

    Do a search here on
    “What manufacture is best”?
    “What contractor do I use”?

    Good Luck


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    I would recommend that you call Al at Airedale Air.
    He worked on my system and is a very honest and knowledgable HVAC contractor. I know that many on this thread would agree.

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    Coil Leak Qustion

    Thanks guys, appreciate the responses.

    How long will my system continue to operate with a leaking coil. Presumable I will notice a reduction in system performance to the point where it's just blowing hot air (and still consuming power). I'm asking this because if possible I'd like to put this off until the fall or winter, when AC contractors in Houston are not so busy.

    Any thought?

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    I guess that would depend on the size of the leak...
    if it took 16 years to become noticeable,I wouldnt worry about it.But that might not be the case.Time will tell.
    My thought is you are doing the right thing.

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