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Thread: Dirty jobs show

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    Anyone watch that dirty jobs thing on TLC? I think it was TLC... They had a dismantler at an auto wrecking yard showing the host what their job is like. They showed them taking the engine out of a Probe and in one scene the guy just cuts open one of the A/C lines and refrigerant just sprays out of it. Later I noticed that scene was also in their show opening in another episode.

    The even say what city they are in, what wrecking yard and the name of the dude that does it on camera. Isn't that illegal in a big way? I guess that is probably pretty common in bubba's junk yard.

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    Seems like the EPA would have a cow.... I know a lot of places sell R-12 to R134 conversion kits...kits say have the system evacuated by a trained professional.....but lets face it....IF someone's buying a $30 conversion kit at Wal-Mart...that R-12 is being evacuated into he front yard....but the kits are legal to sell to anyone.

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    That and they don't work for crap! The anal probe was probably 134a already, but it's still not legal to vent.

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    Seems like the EPA would have a cow

    and the tv show will have an extra $10,000

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