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Thread: House Heats Up

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    Just for my own clarification I thought the split tempature, or as I seen others call it spread. Was supposed to be 18-22 degrees, my tech told me 20 is the bulls eye.

    And like you said 78 degree inside temp on a 100 degree day fits what I've been told just fine.

    Also, if that bedroom noone sleeps in is too cold, maybe its the closest to the unit.

    How could one balance the air evenly when you have a room with a short duct run, say 5' or less to the supply. A dampener might whistle. Can you undersize that duct??

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    centralflinstaller, I am not being too unrealistic. The only part that I do not like is that when the house does heat up, it takes pretty much all night long to cool off. When I say all night long, I mean, it will be 3am before it feels good. Should it take 6-7 hours? I guess so....its better than not having AC, LOL.(I remember those days growing ass summers sweating at night)

    I had a nice long talk with the Carrier guy and we talked about the situation. He brought alot of things to light. He said he does want to come out and restrict some of the air going into my spare bedroom because it is freezing in the summer, and very hot in the winter. That extra air will be nice.

    I have not heard anything about the 20 degree spread. So if its 104 outside, and the house is 78...not doing too bad huh?

    Well, what everyone here and the Carrier guy says makes sense. That is why I through it out there...just to get some idea of is something wrong or not. To be perfectly honest, I think I was misled by my friend. Before I started this adventure, I called him up and asked him if his house heats up in the afternoon. I explained to him that mine does it everyday around 3pm. He told me his didnt, remained at 73 all day. So that is what made me think something was wrong with mine.

    Thanks for everyone who has replied back.

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