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    Thanks for the reply, its not often we hear from the installer of a HO post. Nice work!

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    I rarely post in this forum but do read it on occasion.
    Nice customer who puts quality of installation above price shopping. My price was a bit higher than the other bids- but no one was discussing w/ HO- options to get static pressure to specs. All they wanted to do was throw a 5 ton at it. Turns out HO wanted the 5 ton as well- based on what others wanted to sell him. Won't cool? Throw another ton of air at it. Old system had multiple compressor failures & not one of the bids discussed cause or even a new lineset! EZ lineset swap- condenser sits right outside next to furnace platform in garage.
    Is it the optimum size of equipment for the house? Probably not. But I've got that Rheem 4 ton 12 SEER singing away happily- doing it's job to cool the home. I also suggested installing shutters above front doors where ceiling vaults to 2nd floor at staircase. Windows face west & the sun coming in is brutal from noon until sunset- even being double pane. I taped craft paper over them temporarily & the difference was huge!
    I called him this morning & he couldn't be happier. Yesterday- it was 103 degrees & nice & cool inside. Suppose to be 102 today. Another happy customer, best advertising in the world.

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    I would love to see some pics. Sounds like a job well done.

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