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    Problem with excessive moisture carry over past blower section and into discharge duct work. Can't seem to pinpoint issue.

    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    brand? model number? dirty filter? drain properly installed? p-trap in drain? cfm setting too high?
    lots of possibles. give info and i will try to help you out.have seen this several times .

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    Hi Dan, welcome to HVAC-Talk

    At a guess, maybe coil has oily film allowing condensate to rain off instead of following the coil down to the pan. We would first try spraying with evap cleaner.

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    Condensate Thrown into Supply Duct

    Thanks for the two suggestions so far. Unit is trapped accordingly to their specifications and draining properly.
    There is too much carry over into the secondary pan which I don't like. Not to sure this unit was really tried and tested for an attic application. Unit sweats in certain areas of the horizontal blower casing.

    I have lowered the blower speed to slow and lets see what happens.



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