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    does the suction press alternating 10 to 20 pounds every thirty seconds or so on a residential unit with the compressor running the whole time indicate air in the system,the liquid line pressure stays steady.

    if the high side fluctuates and the low side stays steady does that indicate air in the system also?

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    Could be a hunting TXV or non-condensibles. If it is non-condensibles your discharge line from the compressor should be hotter then normal.
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    Best way that i know of to check for non condensibles in the system is to check the head pressure with the unit off and associate it with the p/t chart then measure the temperature at the condenser and the two should match.ussually non condensables will cause high head.Does the system have a t.x.v?I have found units with this condition that have pistons as there metering device and the cause was undercharge.

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    I can understand how a txv hunting would do that . Would a bad compressor valve plate on the suction side do the same

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    overcharge would do it. one thing to remember also is pressures dont mean a whole lot. subooling and superheat is whats needed to diagnose any problems not pressures.

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    Sounds to me like maybe slightly undercharged.
    Txv trys to deliver, but not quite enough refrigerant going in, Txv opens more, finally getting enough to cool, then starts shutting down again, but alas not enough refrigerant.
    Oh well, just my two cents


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    an overcharged txv system will do that

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    the hunting low pressure gauge turned out to be a shreider valve plugging up, after i reclaimed the refrigerant and vacuumed the system and recharged with new r22 the unit worked fine. ( the unit has a piston, no txv)

    I haven't been called to fix the unit with the hunting high pressure.

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    If it has a TXV I'd check it out first thing, sounds as though it's starving for freon being it's crawfishing I'd start looking at the TXV first off.
    If that's not the problem I'd drop the charge, change the dryer then pull a good vacume and charge it back up.
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