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Thread: Wine

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    I was raised in garlic gulch,san jose, ca.Italian family,
    We made 2000 gals. of dago red wine a year.I drank wine before i knew what water was.We always had a gal. of red wine on the dinner table every night.

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    A bottle of wine is nice once and awhile. I don't think I could drink it every day as the beverage of choice.

    I heard that there is a world wide glut of grapes so wine will be good and cheap for a time. I think I'll buy a bottle when I want to get the War Dept. horned up. It is a lot less work than making your own.

    matt, can you wait 10 weeks??

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    Wine receipe.

    For 4 l. of the fine wine.

    Leave your vehicle. Enter the premises. Carefully select the wine of your choice. It should be ready, 2 to 8 minutes.

    The fermentation process, by this time, should be complete.

    take the wine to a nice lady or man, that will kindly exchange it for a brief moment with your debit card.

    Carefully pour over the buttons of this debit machine to ensure you get the rich quality of wine you've selected back into your hands.

    Once the machine appears right... take the wine from the place, and enter your vehicle.

    DONE! Soooo much easier than waiting the 8 to 10 weeks... and probably cheaper, with no griping from the lack of graping when you make your wife sick from the gak you tried to brew.

    Or something like that....
    Teach the apprentices right... and learn from their questions and ideas.

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    If you really want a good wine buy a wine kit. They are almost guaranteed as long as you are super clean and don't allow any oxygen to contact the wine. Also no balloons. A fermination water lock is only a few bucks and no worries. It's a lot of fun and the product is good. Cost after you buy the fermination gear and corker will run about $3 per bottle. Most cities have stores that sell all the stuff you'll need.
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