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    Aug 2002
    Orange County CA
    going into the weekend...(my on call weekend)
    100 calls holding...The dispatcher said "screw the A.C.s , save the Ice Cream ". 22 hours Friday , 5 hours sleep, 15 hours Saturday, 6 hours sleep ,14 hours Sunday .

    Monday morning got home at 02:30 , took off my boots on the front porch and fell asleep there for a half hour , I woke myself up snoreing. How silly is this trade?

    ...I love Mondays after my on call weekends...the reenforcments are comin'.

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    May 2001
    Bennington, Vermont U.S.A.
    When I was a young man an old contractor told me,"Never complain about too much business."

    Now I have been around long enough to know exactly what he meant by that statement.

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    Oct 2004
    OZ Aka SW Florida
    Dead here.....Guy's going home At 2 PM.....Only Ones Busy Is The Give away.....Realy Low Ball......And New Construction.....$6##.00 Per Ton....Installed....Sad
    Refrigeration...Finding the Wright Wrench to pound in the correct..Screw

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    Dec 2001
    Chicago, N/W burbs
    I'm getting my 40 per week and I LOVE IT!!! Just routine maintenance and some repairs, NO CHICAGO CALLS We don't go to the city and don't want to.

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    Feb 2004
    New Mexico
    I once worked for a Chicago suburb contractor that sold retro a/c installs like crazy until the market was saturated then he had to change to other stuff. Things will always change. But about those high seer units. If you watch all utilties like gasoline and gas they are probably going to freek you out in the future. I feel any sales person that doesn't try to sell hi seer stuff is doing their customer a disservice. The trick is to sell value over price. It's not that hard. Look at what people want on their new cars. Not cheap but value.
    "What Fools these mortals be"....Puck

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