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    I need to replace my gas furnace and air conditioning units nad i wnat to get the best advailable in reliability. Any one have info or where i can find this information?

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    It has been said over a thousand times here
    The best equipment out there will never perform if it is not installed correctly

    There are a lot of good choices in equipment and it all boils down to the "which is better Chevy, Ford or Dodge debate"

    But the one thing everyone agrees with is it takes a proper setup to get it right

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    you have been given good advice. A quality contractor will usually associate himself with a quality product, so if you choose a reputable contractor, you will probably be getting a reasonably good product as well.

    Select a contractor based on recommendations of family, neighbors, friends, or co-workers, and if you have not dealt with anyone in the past, have three (3) contractors from the ones recommended come out, and provide you bids based on THEIR recommendations.

    A reputable contractor should perform a heat loss and heat gain calculation using manual J to provide both you and he with the information to propose the correct size system.

    Listen to what each has to say, and if there are any discrepencies about what you are being told, you are welcome to sobmit those on this site for some additional input.

    If you indicate which part of the U. S. you are located in, there may in fact be a contractor from this site, that is more than willing to provide you with a competitive proposal.

    Be sure the contractor has a good reputation for service and don't hesitate to ask for references.

    Good luck!
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