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    How to I get to the a coil. it is on top of the carrier furnace. there is silver tape and caulk around. and the copper piping and plastic pipe coming out. sorry to sound ignorant, just need to know how to get it out and clean it. thanks

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    Are trying to clean it?
    If so,then be carefull.
    Some coils are made so that the only way to clean is to remove it completely from the furnace.This would require a bunch of special tools...

    post the numbers you see stamped on the coil box label

    Sometimes there are compounding complexities of multiple variables that are not intuitively obvious

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    just wanting to vaccuum around it or yes, clean it.

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    Not a good idea for DIY...

    A pro has the correct tools and chemicals to do the job correctly...
    How tall are you Private???!!!!

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    Its not a difficult job but as mentioned one that takes proper tools and alot of risk to the equiopment life and operation if not done properly.

    My suggestion, have it cleaned and stay on top of the filter changes.

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    chris most of what would need cleaned would be on the underside of the coil even if you get to the coil you are only half way there

    then you risk the chance of kinking a line, shorting something out, or folding fins over on coil

    if you are truly determined to do this yourself the best thing to do would be to watch a tech do it the first time and see if it is in your scope of things jmho

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    Originally posted by docholiday
    stay on top of the filter changes.
    Make sure a factory filter is not still in there from 1900.

    And try to confirm that airflow is the only problem.You might be having other issues such as compressor cutting out...

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    Thanks. lOL

    the tech said compressor was fine. air flow is the only problem. air coming from vent is colllld.

    a dirty a coil could restrict that much air?? is evap and a coil the same thing

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    A dirty coil could do just could a dirty blower wheel(which is much easier to remove and clean--and will also tell you if any dirt has got past your filter.if the blower is clean,you probably dont have a dirty coil)

    A-coil and evaporator are same thing.

    another thought is that the evaporator is freezing.the frost will block airflow.that could be caused by a number of things....

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