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    Note that he said that the heat index was 115, not the ambient temp. Memphis doesn't ever get to 115. He said it worked fine last summer, so it's probably not undersized.

    Sounds like leaking ductwork to me.

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    I'm no service tech. But the house we just purchased has a fairly old unit. I would say 18 years old. The house has 6 sky lights, and 8-10 4'x6' windows facing the South-West end of the house, and don't forget the hard wood floors. So as you all know the house gets HOT!!

    We start the system at around 9am and keep it at 76 degrees. Throughout the day the system gives to some of the heat gain off the windows and the sky lamps but it can maintain 78-80 degrees on a 103 degree day. We also covered most of the sky lights and closed the blinds.
    Also, I waited till 3pm to turn on the system and it never drops below 83 degrees.Turn it on early I say

    If you start your system when you get home from work, or if you wait till the day gets too hot the system probably won't ever reach your desired tempature.
    Are you turning your system on since the late morning??

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    got to the A hair or, what i need to spray it??? or should i assume that is NOT the problem.

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    You need to call a pro, simple as that.

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    You need to take a look at the whole picture. How old is the house? What type of insulation is in it and what is the guessatmated R factor of insulation. What type of windows, which way are the majority of the windows facing? How tight is the house? Is infiltration a big factor? The principle of air conditioning criteria was designed around a 97* to 98* exterior temp. and 75* interior temp. With a 20* spread it stands to fact that when the ambient temp. rises than the conditioned temp will be higher. Unless, your house is built like a refrigerator cabinet. Like rasmussen6880 mention check the TD.Htrguy has it right. You said that you had it charged. Maybe its overcharged. No why to tell for sure without a through diagnosis. Contact nearest ACCA branch office for list of reputable dealers. Like I tell many of my customers, if you want it any colder, you'll have to transform your house into a medium temp system. In other words a reach in cooler.

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    Originally posted by indian
    Life is hard, and things get hot, always watch out for those large copper wires!
    Maybe one of those large copper wires is not making a good connection so the freon is slowing down.
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