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    Used the Find a contractor tab on this web site. No listing for 85249. Chandler,Az south of Phx,Az. Super hot and it's hard to get anyone to come out. Just thought you might like to know.

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    Thanks Michael.This is why its so important for you as a customer to have your equipment under a service agreement.

    One you're having your system clean and maintain. have top priority over others.

    I feel for you sir,I get bombarded all the time this time of year from people saying the same as you.
    My regular guys too busy and he cant come out for two weeks
    or better.

    So for all you people out there whom dont believe in having
    a service agreement and feel like one is not needed.

    Ask Mike what would he be willin to pay for a contractor right now.And what does he expect to pay for one when he does find somebody.

    I'll bet he will pay 10 time of what it would cost to be under a service contract.

    Good luck Mike.

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    cocoa fl


    i agree simpleman it's amazing what people will pay for air this time of year. if people would just find a good contractor and stick with him, be loyal it goes a long way and cost a lot less. also you don't have deal with the less than honest ones out there everytime you need service...

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    My a/c is working. I was just wanting a tune up. You know I have a couple of hundred thousand. I know a little about a/c's and I know that I can learn alot more about them. Maybe I should open a company because to be honest with you I haven't been impressed with the Hvac people that I have met at my house. They are really just salespeople. I would assume there is a difference between a salesperson and a true tech. But that Phx for you, evryone is trying to take advantage of each other.

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