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    i need to now if there is a website i can find the breakdown of the zr scrolls what the model numbers stand for?

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    ZR- Z = Scroll, R = Air Conditioning.

    125k = 125,000 BTU/HR capacity at air conditioning conditions (45 F suction, 130 F condensing). The k = 1000.

    C is the type, there are C types and 3 types. I believe they have different scroll sets.

    The E means it is charged with POE oil. If there is minereal oil, just drop the E.

    T- 3 phase.

    F- Internal overload protector

    D- 460/3/60

    -561 is the Bill of materials, usually means whether it comes with rotolock of sweat connections. Wholesaler BOM's are something like 951 or 961.

    It depends on the model what the BOM means. I gave up trying to remember.


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