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    anybody want to ballpark this scenario for me?

    year old house, 2900 sq ft, 9 ft ceiings, average double pane windows, good construction, two zone A/C (2 and 2.5 ton units - both 12-13 seer), 10 day period, avg hi temp was 89, avg low temp was 74, moderate to high humidity.

    lower zone thermostat set at 65 deg F rather than 79 deg F. how much add'l energy used over the 10 day period by the lower zone? doesn't have to be $$, just kwH (or whatever the appropriate measure would be).


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    I with DEC, but why would the lower zone stat be at 65??????

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    as a stock holder at the local power co. i cant express how much i appreciate you doing this. every one should turn the tstat down to 65 or lower. i know when my a/c freeses up and just runs and runs non-stop the president always sends me a post card from the vacation i send him on. then when the service tech. comes out to charge me $85.00 per/hr. to melt ice. he allways seems to chuckel as i write the check. good times. so i say rip those tstats of the wall, jumper the a/c on permantly and patch over the hole in the wall.
    heheheheheeheheheheheheheeheheheheheheehehehehehee ct......

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    6% more in cooling cost/kwh,for every degree below 78°,per our local ultility.

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