I called Sears out to do a duct cleaning. I had several problems from this:

- Poor A/C performance after this caused by crap in the evap coil and furnace heat exchanger

- More than one duct knocked out of place

- They failed to offer/mention that the evaporator needs to be cleaned after stirring up all the dust... I only learned that is a required step after coming here

- No, to add insult to injury, I sent a camera down one of the return vents to see how good a job they did...

You guys think I should approach them for a refund? I was gonna offer for them to come out and do the cleaning again with a before/after walkthrough and inspection this time PLUS a free evap cleaning from a HVAC tech to prevent the crap on the evap problem again... OR they can just refund my money and we'll both just walk away... Either way, this is disgusting and obviously they did not do the job they said they were gonna do.

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