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    Question about baseboard vs. Forced Hot Air.

    Quick question, if that is possible. A friend of mine just bought a Cape style house. He is going to renovate the house for his mom and was wondering is which is better, baseboard heat or forced hot air. With that being said, there is duct work in place, BUT it it shot, so either way he is starting from the beginning. I appreciate any input/advice. Thanks!

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    The choice is yours to make.The hot air systems would have the advantages of being able to add a/c and even a 4" media filter will remove a lot of hosehold dust and if there are medical reasons an electronic air cleaner,and you can get higher AFUE ratings with hot air.
    The big secret is that someone perform a manuel"J",a manuel "S" and a manuel "D" .so that you get the right size equipment and you get the right size ductwork to ecconomicly get the already paid for air to AND FROM the rooms and areas.

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    Hot water heat has lots of advantages, its more comfortable, if installed correctly it can be cheaper to run, upfront cost is higher though.

    Having a boiler in the house also opens you up to the possibility of using the boiler to heat your DHW, also a nice feature.

    Don’t bother with the boiler unless you plan on spending the money to get it done right. The "low bidder" boiler will just give you a life of complaints, if price is the main focus, throw a furnace in and be done with it.

    Im assuming either way, duct work and an air handler will be left in for AC?

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    I think a lot of it depends on where you live and whether or not you want to have A/C. Hot water heat is excellent as a heating source, but it does have it's downsides. Recovery time with a boiler is quite a bit longer than a forced air system. Also the fact that you'll have to have additional equipment installed if you wish to have A/C. The other thing with hydronic systems is that when you have problems and need repairs, you can almost double the cost of the repair vs. a forced air system. It doesn't really matter what type of system you have, eventually something will break down and will need to be repaired. Hot water heat provides very nice, even, comfortable heating. With today's newer 90%+ furnaces with variable speed blowers, the comfort level can be very similar to hot water heat when running the blower continuously. The nice thing about hot water baseboards is that the heat is even from the floor to the ceiling, where forced air is usually warmer near the ceiling and not as much at floor level. If you really want the best of both worlds, install in-floor radiant heat and put an air handler in the attic for A/C. Just some ideas.

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    You could have both and have a hydo air system installed get ypur domestic off your boiler and your ac off your fancoil

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    I prefer baseboards, but usually h.o have their own preferences that are based on multiple factors

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