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    Do you hear the unit making a whistle sound?

    Or a loud hissing sound?

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    It's just humming along. It has a little up and down pitch but it sounds like others in the area.

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    With the limited info, it's really hard to say...

    It could be something pretty simple, yet it could be that the compressor is lacking capacity.

    The only way to know is to (get the data) and have it diagnosed by a competent tech.

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    he said it's was 5 Ton

    I will call Carrier in the morning. I doubt if that will do any good. We will see. Thank you for all your help. It just seems that if was really messed up, it would not be working, but I do not know.

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    Carrier will be of no help.

    The unit is in fact a 5-ton unit (can tell by model number).

    Until a tech comes out to get the required info, you will know nothing.

    The unit may have been oversized from the beginning. So (while not operating correctly), it is still cooling your house to some affect.

    The hot bedrooms, is a ducting issue.

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