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    Most of the ones I do are carried into the shop. I have a couple of customers with 25,000 Btu units I pull once a year and clean.

    They are a pain to work on, but I'm in one of those niche markets. I do warranty work for a couple of manufactures so I get a few calls on them.

    The smaller units don't even have parts listed for them anymore. They are a trade out warranty or a throw away after the first year.

    I can't give a step by step to take one apart. It depends on model and manufacture. Just pull it out and look. You should see pretty quick what you need to remove.

    Common sense isn't very common anymore.

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    I did tons of them years ago ............pretty much tearing down and cleaning cottonwood out of coils. Wasn't too bad when we had whole complexes of them where you would spend whole day doing 1 after another on site. Use to have people drop them off and would do them at my covenience. Anymore I only work on ones that I get for free from people that are glad to see them go once we install central air ............. suprising how nice of ones we get for free .

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    After opening the window unit up, things look easy. Charging is an issue as I will need to work on them in the future. I don't know which tap I should use that can connect to my regular gauges (testo 550). Also, how do I know which is the high side and what superheat/psi should I charge to?

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    How hard is it to replace the squerrel cage and a shot motor? I need to let my boss know if it worth the trouble and expense.

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    I have worked on them before.
    9 times out of 10, it would have been cheaper for the customer to buy a new window unit.
    I do a lot of "charity" work, for lack of a better term.
    I have several churches I do work for, who the people there give out my name and number.
    Usually to folks in a bind.
    That is where I run into many of these units, and 90% of the time it is a leak, a bad motor or a control issue.

    A local appliance store, not HVAC/R supply house, is where the parts are.
    The place where the folks who fix washing machines, dryers and refrigerators buy their parts at is where you find the parts for the window units.

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