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    Hello All.

    A friend of mine approached me 1 week ago, asking me if I could install ComfortVIEW on his laptop. He was given a copy of the software by Carrier. So I said of course. Me being an engineer, software installation in Windows are a breeze. They usually either work nicely, or spit out 10000s of errors.

    So I am trying to install the software and click on "ComfortVIEW login" the screen stays "Waiting for ComfortVIEW to start" I installed the client only, because this laptop will be connecting to the servers located at client sites. Does sybase need to be running? I read through the manual and I see that it stats that also MSSQL needs to be running.

    I tried calling Carrier for assistance and the were talking about pricing. I don't really understand how the vendor, instead of helping me get familiar with the products and in turn promote the ease of use of their product, wants to charge me for support.

    Anyway I was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction.

    Thank you for your time.

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    Do you still need an access key for their product?

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    The entire installation goes through as if it was successful

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    Even though the software is installed the old CCN utilized a key on the printer port of the computor. Not sure what it did but you couldn't get in without it.

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    To connect yes you need a key(usb)

    I got it working need to use the correct sybase server name.

    Everything is working now.

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